Your Margin Increase Plan

We will verify what phase your practice is currently at, and then structure a margin increase plan for you. 
Here are the factors we consider:

  • Current revenue and expenses
  • What a realistic revenue goal should be
  • How many tax clients you should work with


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Over the last 14 years, he has helped 1,300+ small firm owners across the country increase their income and build thriving tax practices.

How long will it take to start seeing my margins increase?

$96k net new revenue in the first 6 months of her Premium Margins implementation


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What You Get With Our Premium Margins System

– BENEFIT #1 –

We will build out all the materials you need so your clients can resonate with your new pricing.

  • Client Guide
  • Package PDFs
  • Referral System
  • Website

– BENEFIT #2 –

We'll Build Your Client Education Materials 

– BENEFIT #3 –

We Will Create Your Package Menu 

We will create a package menu for your firm based on the 5 proven categories of Client Value.

This way you can give any client up to 3 options to choose from when working with you.

– BENEFIT #4 –

Access Our Exclusive Training Materials

Learn how to offer year-round strategic value to clients using our proprietary tools that make advisory work drop-dead simple.

It's Literally Everything You Need To 
 Increase Your Margins Without Losing Clients!

– BENEFIT #5 –

We Will Price Your Packages

We will help you perfectly price your packages to maximize your margin for any client scenario. You’ll have access to tools & templates to make it easy.

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$7,188 Average fee for business clients after 3 months


Registered Preparer

$9,884 in new monthly recurring revenue in the first 90 days.



513% Average client fee increase for individual and business clients


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William Hamilton

1,300+ Tax Firms Trust Us

Here are real results our clients are getting by following our proven process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Within 30 days (or less). 

Most firm owners have everything needed to start enrolling clients in higher-margin packages in the first two weeks. 

How much time do I have to spend working on this? I’m already busy…

For the best results you’ll need to set aside 1 hour per week. We do all the heavy lifting. We know how hard it is to run a small firm, so everything is designed to minimize your time investment.

Is there any long-term commitment?

No. Your one-time enrollment fee covers everything we need to build out your materials. 

The $95/month membership will give you continued access to the SmartPath training portal and tools but you can cancel your membership at any time (online, right inside your account).

Can my staff access the materials & training?

Yes. If you are approved for premium implementation, during your kickoff call we can create logins for additional users tied to your practice.

Attract your ideal clients. 
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Regular Investment: $4,845

Your Investment Today: Just $2,495 (save 48.5%)

Plus $95/month for continued access. 

– BENEFIT #6 –

BONUS: Three 1-on-1 implementation sessions

We'll make sure you have all the help you need to increase margins this upcoming tax season.

  • Pricing unique client scenarios
  • Selecting the ideal clients that will easily convert
  • Enhance your workflow and technology processes to align with your new packages